Educating about the words and thoughts, the concepts and concerns, the principles and foundational beliefs of the
Founding Fathers

About Patriot Life

  • Are you concerned with the direction our country is taking?
  • Are you appalled at the thought of leaving your children and grandchildren mountains of debt?
  • Does it disturb you that we may be the first generation of Americans who will not leave the following generations with more opportunity than we had?
  • Do you see the expansion of the Federal government and the destruction of States rights as cause for great concern?
  • Do you believe in the founding principles of our government?

Then join with us and help us spread the word. Help us to educate people about the words and thoughts, the concepts and concerns, the principles and foundational beliefs of the founding fathers.

We are not Republican or Democrat leaning but in fact believe that both parties have strayed afar from the core principles that allowed the citizens of the United States of America to become the greatest nation on earth. Do we believe in American exceptionalism? Yes, we do. That's not to say that we look down on the rest of the world, but let the facts speak for themselves. Since our inception, Americans have been at the forefront of virtually every advancement in the human condition. When the world comes calling, we have always answered that call. Have we done it alone? Certainly not. Other countries have sent their citizens in the defense of mankind. But NO other country in the history of the world has left more of its bravest sons and daughters' blood on foreign soils in the defense of others than America.

Is Capitalism perfect? No, it's not but it is the most perfect system in the world today. It has allowed more people to raise themselves out of their current condition than any other. Not Socialism. Not Fascism.  Not communism. Our Founding Fathers knew no system of government could guarantee its citizens "happiness", only the ability to pursue it. They studied the great philosophers of the time, like Locke and Toquville.  They worked diligently to create a brand new form of government that was previously unheard of. One that strived to understand mans nature and to that end what form of government would not just allow but encourage men to pursue greatness.

If these ideals sound like things that you believe in, then join with us to spread the words of our Founding Fathers by becoming a member of Patriot Life today.

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